Government Documents You Should See for Yourself

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Enlistment Contract:

Enlistment Contract

Recruiter Training Manuals:

Recruiter's “School Recruiting Program Handbook”

Recruiter “Guidance Counselor Procedures”

Recruiter Improprieties "United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) policies and responsibilities for reporting, processing, investigating, and disposing of allegations of recruiting improprieties." I don't think they mean to be funny, but considering how often they just "dispose" of complaints about recruiter misconduct, I think this description says it all.

Prohibited & Regulated Activities Check out Chapter 2

Waiver, Future Soldier Program Separation, and Void Enlistment Processing Procedures Check out Chapter 3

List of War Deaths:

US DOE/DOD Directive on Release of Student Information to Recruiters

Department of Defense Sexual Harassment Survey